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Helping small business capitalize on the power of web marketing.

Small Business Marketing & SEO Strategist

As a web marketing consultant, I work with small businesses striving to create awareness and differentiation on a world stage. Since 2004, I have helped small multi-national businesses improve their visibility and target new customers through:

Marketing Fact

Approximately 85% of all business transactions begin with a search on the web.


I offer clarity about web marketing and guidance for choosing the best mix of new media opportunities. Each project is tailored based on your business' goals and budget. Whether you need help identifying top keywords for organic search or want a complete digital marketing campaign, my process begins with understanding your industry, business objectives and challenges, and advances with research focused on further defining customers, studying competitors and analyzing industry trends--always with the purpose of locating growth opportunities.

B2C Internet Marketing

Tooled with a business development background, I bring a web centric approach to improving brand awareness and product/service positioning. My inherent ability to identify customer needs and expectations has led to specializing in business-to-consumer interactive marketing.

Committed to providing small businesses with cost-effective services.

Feel free to contact me with your web marketing questions. Maybe I can help.